How to Create a Kick-ass Skincare Routine - Three Must Use Products To Get You Started

How to Create a Kick-ass Skincare Routine - Three Must Use Products To Get You Started

Sep 06, 2022Bonolo Matjila

The skincare market is becoming a lot like fast fashion - everyone is telling you that you 'absolutely need' everything, and there is a new 'absolutely essential' product launch every day. So how do you quiet down the capitalistic noise and figure out what you truly need for your skin to thrive?

For starters, everybody (and I mean everybody) needs to be using a facial cleanser, moisturiser and sun protection product on a daily basis. According to Somatologist and Medical Skin Care Therapist, Dasha Josephus, “By having a daily, standard skincare routine, you optimise the health of your skin and strengthen your skin so that you can prevent certain skin conditions from forming.” Here is why these three products form the foundation an effective, daily skincare routine.


At its most basic level, the function of a cleanser is to maintain the hygiene of your facial skin. In the same way that we need to take a shower every day to cleanse our bodies, our facial skin - though seemingly clean at the end of the day - has a buildup of natural bodily secretions like sweat and oil, dust particles from the air, as well as germs we’ve introduced to the skin’s surface from touching it, that needs to be gently washed away.

How should you be cleansing your skin? This is a step that is often rushed, however, in order for the active ingredients in your cleanser of choice to be effective, you’ve got to give it sufficient contact time on the surface area of your skin before washing it away. The jury is out on exactly how long that should be, but a good rule of thumb is to apply your cleanser to damp skin in an upward circular motion for 60 seconds, before it rinsing off with lukewarm to warm water.

Facial Moisturiser

Beyond keeping the skin hydrated, facial moisturisers also form a protective barrier over the skin, preventing water loss from the skin’s surface, and aid in improving the appearance of the skin. Depending on what your skin concerns may be, moisturisers can also be a vehicle for those ingredients necessary to address those concerns.

Selecting the right moisturiser for you depends both on your skin type and your skin care concerns. Common practice is that the product label will include an indication as to the types of skin the product has been formulated for, making it slightly easier to navigate the market offerings.


Who needs to wear sunblock, when sunblock needs to be worn and what kind of products provide adequate sun protection are contentious questions, so let us quickly run through the golden rules. Firstly, everyone needs to apply a sun protection lotion to their face every single day. Yes, even if you are a person of colour. Even if it is cloudy outside. Even if you are staying inside. Always.

Why is sunblock so important? Josephus explains that “UV radiation happens whether it is super sunny or gloomy and raining. We are exposed to UV rays on a daily. From the sun, to the blue lights of our laptops and cellphones, to the general white lights that surround us on a daily. Wearing a good SPF can protect the skin from ‘free radicals’. Free radicals tend to age the skin much faster and acts as a precursor to many conditions. So even if you’re not out at the beach on the hot day, your SPF should be your best friend.” Skipping out on this step makes any of the other steps in your routine ineffective and may in some cases, aggravate the existing skin conditions you may already have. So lather up.

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