About Golden Hour Skincare

Golden Hour Skincare is a proudly South African company that produces environmentally sustainable, gender-neutral skincare products.

At Golden Hour, we're passionate about simple, targeted skincare. We've eliminated the guess-work and simplified your daily skincare routine into 3 effective steps, so you can address your skin concerns with clarity and confidence!


Why choose Golden Hour?

To be apart of your daily routine is a big deal, and we take it seriously. Our products are formulated with a careful selection of ethically sourced, vegan ingredients. Rest assured that your golden moments of self care each morning and evening with us are as serene, high quality, and as thoughtful as possible.

Our commitment to using recyclable, refillable, or reusable materials in all our packaging ensures that your skincare journey is rewarding for both you, and our environment.


Our Story

Golden Hour was started by two law students, turned best friends, then graduates, and ultimately, co-founders, Bonolo Matjila and Patience Kunene. What inspired the idea? Persistent acne in spite of a growing overflow of products on a bathroom shelf, overwhelm at the ever-growing, "absolutely essential" market offerings, and a niggling curiosity in both our hearts about problem-solving beyond a corporate environment.

We rightfully observed that caring for your skin shouldn't be confusing, complex, time-consuming or unduly expensive. Instead, we set out to create a simplified, 3-step system for skincare that empowers the user to intuitively and comprehesively solve for their skincare concerns.

And we've done just that! The journey was not without challenges, and as the old adage goes, it has taken a village to transform our idea at the start of 2021, to our launch in December 2022, and nurture it into the beloved, growing business and community as we now know it.

What inspired the name Golden Hour? Unforgettable sunrise and sunset drives up Signal Hill in Cape Town, to bask in the rich, pink-orange streaked skies, as soft golden hues kissed our skin to mark the start and end of each day. Similarly, we hope the golden moments you spend with our products each morning and evening inspire awe within you of your natural beauty, and produces a radiant glow in your skin that lasts.